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Reporting To:

Station Manager

Direct Subordinates:

Oil Spill Response Specialist

Communication Channels:

Internal communication within SAIL

Job Summary:

The Senior Oil Spill Response Specialist is charged with providing field supervision for the primary spill response, spill clean-up and environmental support equipment. The Senior Oil Spill Response Specialist participates in daily activities which would include training, equipment, maintenance and support, spare parts issue and control, drills, and other duties as assigned

The Senior Oil Spill Response Specialist is responsible for ensuring completion for all spill response equipment maintenance and support. The personnel and equipment to be maintained would include basic mechanics, vessels, cranes, oil/ HNS spill response systems, hydraulic power units and various hydraulic and diesel-powered pumps


  • Develop and implement oil spill prevention, preparedness and response programs for the oil spill response centers as requested
  • Assist in development and implementation of spill response strategies and tactics
  • Plan and implement drills and exercises per drills and exercise schedule
  • Supervise the operation and deployment of pollution combating equipment
  • Responsible for maintaining an on-call roster to ensure sufficient personnel are available to mobilize spill response center equipment
  • Conduct routine faciltity safety inspection as assigned
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable SAIL policies, procedures and directive for OIL spill response Center members
  • Assigned, mandatory “on call” responsibilities
  • Overtime work as required and assigned to carry out emergency and non-emergency duties
  • Responsible for the pre-packing of oil spill response equipment for rapid deployment
  • Coordinating with station manager to ensure spill response equipment is maintained is a “response ready” condition
  • Ensure completion of preventative and corrective maintenance work orders
  • Completion of incident command system communications responsibilities and report
  • Completion of facility safety inspections, inventories and reports as assigned
  • Fulfill roles within the incident command system during response activities
  • Supervise the training and development of classroom hand-on, practical exercises and response readiness
  • Develop operational guidelines and maintenance¬† procedures for new and existing equipment¬†


  • Providing overall field supervision for the primary spill response, spill clean-up and environmental support crews
  • Ensure all daily activities are carried out which may include crew training, support equipment maintenance, drills and other duties as assigned with a very strong set of safety values
  • Responsible for all responder crew safety, activity reporting and hand on crew training
  • Be on call for response to pollution incidents and may e required to work on vessels, shorelines


  • Has 4+ years proven experience in participating in response operations to oil pollution incidents
  • Proven experience in the supervision of personnel and equipment in the field including, crews of up to safe manning requirements, multiple vessels, cranes, oil spill skimming system, hydraulic systems, aircraft and various pumping systems
  • Knowledge of health and safety practices and regulations
  • Understanding of budgeting and performance management
  • Excellent planning and leadership abilities
  • An eye for detail
  • Able to use computing systems
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of working in the marine environment
  • Relevant degree in a vocational school will be a plus
  • Professional engineering certifications are preferred