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Technical Secretary

Responsible to support Training and Development Technical Advisor and assist in HR related support activities and liaise with Shared Services to support Technical Team.  Apply Now

Administrative Assistance

Responsible to support monitoring room analysts and technical advisors.  Maintain communication management and record keeping as advised by technical and analyst team members Apply Now

Technical Data Analyst

Responsible for operation of sensory tools such as radars, drones, other technical equipment.  Will be site oriented to ensure that equipment is tested and calibrated Apply Now

Technical Sales Representative

Responsible to support Technical Project Specialist and Budget Specialist in ensuring Monitoring Room sustainability.  Responsible to maintain a business development approach to support marketing of Monitoring Room services Apply Now

Oil Spill Response Specialist

Reporting to Senior Oil Spill Response Specialist Communication channels Internal communication within SAIL Job summary Under direction of the Senior Oil Spill Response Specialist, provides primary spill response, spill clean-up and environmental support.  Spill Response Specialists participate in all daily activities including but not limited to; training/drills/exercises, equipment maintenance or repair, equipment deployment, and other […]

Data Quality Controller

Responsible for developing and maintaining data management activities as well as implementation of governance of data flow and storage and access Apply Now

Remote Sensing Analyst

Responsible to provide operation and data collection and data entry and initial analysis and support Environment Analyst with sensory information Apply Now


Responsible for support to Senior Modeler.  Develop and maintain modelling software.  Seek innovation and implementation of best-in-class modelling tools to support spill response Apply Now

Logistic Specialist

Reporting To Logistic Team Lead Communication Channels Internal communications within SAIL Job Summary The Logistics Specialist is responsible for providing logistical support and assistance for the primary spill response, spill clean-up and environmental support equipment.   The Logistics Specialist participates in all daily activities which would include training, equipment maintenance support, spare parts issue and control, […]

Budget Specialist

Responsible to maintain P&L record keeping of Monitoring Room activities. Responsible to ensure cost compliance and budget management of Monitoring Room. Responsible to Technical Project Specialist to develop sales packages/solutions to customers and market Monitoring Room services Apply Now